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[Switch] LEGO City Undercover (2017) Review

When checking out new games, I like to keep an open mind. When I found LEGO City Undercover came out for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One I had to get it. This is a game that I didn’t get the chance to play upon release. LEGO City Undercover was originally released on the Wii-U as part of an exclusive deal with Nintendo. Thankfully that exclusive contract with Nintendo expired for this game and now everyone is able to enjoy it.

This game really surprises me with how it’s voice over work. Most LEGO games only have the cutscenes which the contain voice acting dialog. The rest of the game typically has sims-style expressions upon talking to someone. When deciding what platform to purchase LEGO City Undercover on, I chose to go for portability. That made my choice clear: the Nintendo Switch.


In LEGO City Undercover you play a cop named Chase who has come back to LEGO City in order to capture a criminal he put away previously. Rex Fury escaped prison and has been wreaking havoc on the city. You know a game is going to be a good time when within the first minute upon arriving to LEGO City, a comedic moment happens. Throughout the game you’ll notice easter eggs/tributes to movies, music, and even the Nintendo’s Wii-U console. This is what makes a LEGO game great and I never found myself getting bored with any of the missions in the game.


The gameplay for LEGO City Undercover is pretty solid. An open world experience with a lot of things to do. The only downside to this game is its controls when driving. I notice when the e-brake is used, it will do a hard turn in whichever direction you are going. In some cases, it can cause a motorcycle to do almost a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn if going fast enough. This makes chase scenes pretty difficult at first but you can get used to things after awhile.

Completing the quests/missions can be a challenge at times as the game purposely does not always tell you the way to clear a stage. This makes the game fun and provides just enough frustration to provide the feeling of accomplishment once you complete the task. You’ll find yourself spending hours just destroying things around everywhere in order to gather enough legos to complete builds and unlock vehicles.


LEGO City Undercover was originally released on the Nintendo Wii-U which has a max resolution of 720p. This causes the game to have some problems when it comes to frame rates at resolutions greater than this. I noticed these frame rate issues more when I had my Nintendo Switch docked vs in handheld mode. While I was aware of the frame rate dipping, it did not impact my ability to play through the mission I was in. The frame rate typically dipped when there was a large amount of lego blocks on the screen or if there was a lot of action such as an explosion.

Throughout the game there are quite a few ‘jaggies’ which doesn’t detract from the gameplay but can be annoying when speeding through the city or turning the camera around fast. Overall, it is a nice presentation and is immediately apparent that game developer TT Fusion focuses on the plot and gameplay more than graphics. This is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to games like these.

Replay Value

The game developers put in A LOT of collectables and things to do both inside and outside mission areas. Whenever you complete a story mission, it unlocks freeplay mode. This allows you to go back through the mission area which is fantastic because I found myself wanting to do specific actions but it required a character disguise that was not available until later in the game.

The only downside to the replay value? It’s based on collectables and super-builds. Once you finish the story, that’s it. Completionists will go nuts over the amount of things they can do in order to finish it entirely which is fantastic if that’s your kind of thing!

Full Disclosure

I bought LEGO City Undercover with his own money. The game’s story mode was finished but I am still working on one hundred percent completion. This review is vaguely written to prevent any spoilers.

Game Title: LEGO City Undercover
Developer: TT Fusion
Publisher: TT Games / WB Games
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Supported Play Modes: TV (1P-2P), Tabletop (1P-2P), Handheld (1P-2P)
Availability: Digital, Physical
Price (MSRP): $59.99 USD
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