MatheusDebull Entertainment Address Q1 2017

State of MatheusDebull Entertainment Address Q1 2017

Hello and welcome to the State of MatheusDebull Entertainment Address Q1 2017! I can’t believe that almost an entire quarter has already passed, can you? I will be providing these on a quarterly basis going forward, so I hope you find them informative.


Live Stream Update


I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again. This community wouldn’t be what it is without the great people that’s in it. Here are some updates that have already been implemented or soon will be!


As some of you might have noticed, there are now two bots in the channel: MDBBot and Revlobot. MDBBot is powered by the awesome DeepBot software and cloud service. Revlobot is powered by Revlo and provides some nice reward features. Over the next quarter of the year, there will be a meeting of the minds so to speak. Then I can have these bots work with one another to provide an awesome experience for you, the viewer.


Did you know we have a community discord server? Come join us and chill with the crew. We chat about almost everything, so feel free to unleash that social butterfly within.

Game Servers

We now have two game servers available for use by regular viewers. A 7 Days to Die server, and a Minecraft server running ForgeMod. Both servers are accessible only to approved people, so contact MatheusDebull to discuss gaining access.


My current schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 7PM. It has taken a while to dial in a time slot that works with my current job but it is working. I’d like to expand the amount of hours I stream going forward. Looking at all factors, this additional stream time will need to be on Saturday and/or Sunday. The month of April will be used to narrow down when that additional time slot will take place.


It has taken almost six years, but it has finally happened! MatheusDebull finally achieved sellout status. At the request of some long time fans, I am now working on offering ways that people can support the stream. Throughout the next few months, you will see more ways popup in the channel’s panel section. The first option I have setup is a GameWisp account. This gives the ability to subscribe, even with me not being partnered. There is a decent amount of perks for subscribing, so check it out!


As some of you know, I have a huge problem with OCD when it comes to blocking things on screen. Even if it is irrelevant text, it bugs me. Previously, I was trying to stream without a green screen and that didn’t work out too well. Then I tried using TriDef SmartCam for XSplit which works well, but not for my situation. Recently, I ordered an actual green screen. It is the same one that Boogie2988 uses, which is awesome.

YouTube Update


I know the channel is currently lacking any highlights that happen on stream. Ever since Twitch released their ‘clips’ feature, it makes it kind of pointless to have on both Twitch and YouTube. Going forward, I am going to utilize the Let’s Play footage to make a blooper / highlight reel specifically for YouTube. That way, each service has their own ‘exclusive’ content!

Let’s Plays

There are a ton of games in my backlog that I have yet to get a chance to play. Most of them are older games that I picked up during various sales. While it would be great to live stream every one of these games, I feel it would be better to play through them and make a Let’s Play series out of it. Stay tuned for more information about this in the coming months!


As some of you already know, I am a very helpful person. Anyone that has questions about technology, I’m always there to lend a helping hand. In doing so, I’ve thought about making some tutorial videos of various topics from software to hardware. We shall see where this road takes us in the next few months!

Website Update


Getting back into the swing of things is never easy, but I have started to! Get ready to see more reviews done on this site. Everything from movies, music, and television; to hardware, software, and more!


One thing I am very passionate about is writing. There for awhile, I was writing a series of short stories based on games I was playing. I’d like to continue doing that, except this time doing it on here! Stay tuned for some awesome short stories inspired by some of the games I play.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read the State of MatheusDebull Entertainment Address Q1 2017. I hope we have a great quarter 2!

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  1. I personally can’t wait to see more content. I hope that the list of these subjects grow as well as the community that you are building. One thing that struck my attention most was the writing of short stories, which I would be pleased to read. Keep up the great work!


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